Making warmth more affordable


By engineering the dynamics of bubbles EnergySaver improves heat transfer significantly in central heating systems. In a conventional central heating system, water is heated by passing it through a boiler. Water passes through the boiler tube matrix where water in immediate contact with the tubes surface boils.  

This nucleate boiling creates large irregular bubbles at the metal water interface and these bubbles carry heat into the main water flow. Very soon however, the size of these bubbles causes them to coalesce or combine, which in turn blocks heat transfer into the bulk water.



◆Less energy used to heat your home, saving you money every month.

◆Improved maintenance of your system.

◆Eco friendly, natural ingredients.

◆Easy to install with immediate results.

◆Advanced Ethical Technology



EnergySaver simply changes the way water actually boils at the heat source interface. When a central heating system is treated with Green Frogs EnergySaver, something quite remarkable happens.

A myriad of small bubbles form at the previous nucleation sites which efficiently then transfer heat energy away from the boiler faster than in untreated water. This phenomena has been known and in use in the aerospace industry and has been tested extensively in laboratories globally, this proven technology is now utilised in environments such as hospitals, schools, domestic housing and laboratories, resulting in documented 18% energy savings.