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“In our searches for new Energy Saving Products to add to our range, we love things that use less energy, re-use materials, don’t pollute, or that are natural and organic, and compared to non-eco alternatives, do the same job, and look and feel just as great – or better!

“When you choose Energy Saving Products that are eco friendly, you get a double benefit; you love it (we hope) and you’re moving towards sustainability, which means it’s better for everyone, and the planet.

“We’re constantly looking for new and innovative, resourceful Energy Saving Products, and make them easier for you to have and own, so we can all make the move towards environmental sustainability.

“The Energy Saving Products we sell mean that you can choose to live in a more sustainable way, and so make a positive contribution to a better and brighter future. ”

Energy Saving Products

This is what Nigel’s Eco Store actually does:

  • *We provide practical Energy Saving Products, that are functional and beautiful eco friendly, natural and organic products that you can buy right now, at reasonable prices
  • *We make eco choices easier
  • *We carefully select the Energy Saving Products we offer from the best of what’s available
  • *We give you ideas, information and inspiration to be more resourceful
  • *We help you make good buying decisions on all your Energy Saving Products
  • *We make it easy to shop and buy environmentally friendly

Do have a look around at all the Energy Saving Products that we offer, best sellers include the Eco Balls Wash Kit, and the Eco Kettle, but we sell all sorts of other stuff, Energy Saving Products including home furnishings, solar toys, and natural and organic beauty products – you can navigate around to different sections of Energy Saving Products using the links on the left.


Energy Saving Products

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