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  • 2 Colour For Sale or To-Let Boards

    2 Colour For Sale or To-Let Boards

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  • CP12 and Boiler Service

    CP12 and Boiler Service

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  • CP12 Gas Safety Certificate

    CP12 Gas Safety Certificate

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  • Electrical PAT

    Electrical PAT

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  • Electrical PIR

    Electrical PIR

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  • Energy Saver 1ltr

    Energy Saver 1ltr

    Energy Saver solution to reduce heating costs.

    1/2 ltr will dose a small 2-3 bed home with 8-10 radiators 

    1 Ltrs will dose a large 3-5 bed home with 16 -20 radiators

    Commercial properties the dose would be 1 ltr to every 100 ltrs of water.  

    Energy Saver, a new, innovative central heating system additive, has been proven to significantly cut heating costs in offices, homes, public buildings and commercial properties. Hospitals and homeowners are among the many different energy users who have seen their energy bills reduced significantly by up to 20% using Energy Saver, a scientifically developed, proven technology that is added to the water in heating systems.

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